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It's been two and a half whole days since the Oscar nominations were announced, and I've been too distracted by other things (Lost) to weigh in on them. So here goes...

The expanded Best Picture category worked out better than I thought it would. Realistically the only movies with a shot at winning are the five that are also up for Best Director, but it's still cool that movies like Up and District 9 which would normally be shut out of the top category get the recognition.

I was pleasntly surprised by the nominations for Jeremy Renner and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the acting categories and District 9 for screenplay.

While I'm happy that Dr. Parnassus got nods for Art Direction and Costume Design, both those categories criminally overlooked Where the Wild Things Are.

I figure I'll sound like a broken record if I keep saying Precious wasn't that good of a movie, or that The Road and Moon deserved a lot more recognition than they got, so I won't dwell on those.

As of the announcement Tuesday morning, there were 28 feature-length films nominated that I hadn't yet seen, and 33 days in which to see them. So far I've averaged one a day, so I'm right on track (I re-opened my Netfilx account this week too, so that should help much more than the dismal selection at the local lackluster video). Ideally by the time the big night rolls around I'll have seen enough to justify most of my opinions.
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So Oscar nominations are announced tomorrow, and as usual I have opinions )


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