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I've seen all the nominees I'm going to be able to before tonight (50 out of 60, which isn't too shabby), so here are my predictions and opinions )
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As of today I've seen thirty. Taking into account what I'd already seen, that's seventeen movies in the past twenty-four days, with ten days to see the remaining half of the list.

Obviously I don't plan on seeing thirty movies in the next ten days. Mostly because about a third of them won't open in Denver until March or later.* But I think I can get my tally un into the high forties by Oscar night, which is closer to my goal than I've gotten most years, so I can't complain.

*And there are two which are available but I don't plan on watching. Pretentious as it may make me I just can't bring myself to go out of my way to see movies that all available evidence, including personal experience, indicates are going to be absolutely awful. Sorry Anonymous and Transformers 3 (not really sorry).
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I saw a lot of movies last year (and if I ever get around to tallying the last quarter I might know how many). I did not, however, see very many that were released in the last month and a half or so, when studios tend to put out their award-bait releases. I've been gradually catching up, but for the moment that means I'm not informed enough to confidently make predictions or pronouncements of what should/shouldn't be nominated. I can, however, list off a few things I would like to see:

FIrst and foremost, I really hope Andy Serkis gets an acting nomination (it was a lead role, but supporting is more likely). There are a lot of people saying it shouldn't count because it was motion capture, but the animation wouldn't be there without his performance. Especially when watching before and after footage, it's clear that every emotion you see in his character originates with him, not the animators.

Speaking of animation, I hope Rango and The Adventures of Tintin get nominated in that category. I think Tintin is the safer bet of the two, but those were the two best animated films I saw in 2011. I'd also be thrilled to see Winnie The Pooh up there, because it really was a great film, but I highly doubt that will happen.

I think at this point Melissa is a safe bet for supporting actress, but it would be great if Bridesmaids was up for screenplay too. Unlikely, but great.

The Muppets deserves to have at least one nod for original song. Either "Pictures in My Head" or "Man or Muppet".

Drive has a good shot at an editing nomination. Hannah probably doesn't, but I'd love to see it get one.

The Tree of Life for cinematography. It's a divisive movie, people ever loved it or found it too pretentious, but Emmanuel Lubezki did some of the best work of his career (and it's a career full of amazing work).

Pixar put out a bunch of short films this year, and I suspect at least one of them will get nominated (if nothing else to make up for the fact that they won't be up for feature for the first time in recent memory). As fun as their shorts were, I enjoyed The Ballad of Nessie more than any of them, and hope it gets recognized.

That's all I'm coming up with tonight. I suspect tomorrow morning I'll have a few more thoughts and a long list of movies to see before the end of February.


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