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After 50 years a Bond movie finally won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

A movie partially funded by Kickstarter won an Academy Award.

There was a running theme in the acceptance speeches about the importance of encouraging new talent and colaborating on artistic endevors.

The First Lady of the United States madea surprise appearance.

For only the sixth time in 85 years there was a tie.

With any other Oscar ceremony these would be the topics of discussion the morning after. Instead the producers' latest misguided attempt to draw a younger audience is what's getting the attention.
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The problem with seeing half the nominees the day before the awards is I don't have time to get as in-depth as I'd like to, so I'm just going to list my predictions, with some brief thoughts for a few the categories.

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For the fifth consecutive year I'm attending the Best Picture Showcase. For the second consecutive year I'm going over the course of two Saturdays because AMC thinks Denver is a cow town unworthy of a 24-hour nine-movie marathon, but that's a different rant.

Going in this year I'd only seen two of the nominees, so this is my first exposure to a lot of the movies. I'll have more to say about the Oscars asa whole and other nominees later, but I wanted to get my thoughts down after day one of the showcase.

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I haven't seen as many 2012 movies as I usually have by this point, but based on what I have seen I'm actually quite happy with this year's picks.

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