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Three years ago:

Three days ago:

Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter.
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"Portia hit me!"
"Were you leaving her alone, or were you petting her after we told you she didn't want to be pet?"
"Um... Portia hit me!"
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My last post was about driving in a snow storm, and tomorrow is the first day of summer. Even in Colorado that's a sign that I haven't been updating here much. Not only that, but now that I am posting, it's not going to be about me (much), but about Audrey, who turned nine months old this past weekend.

It's been three months since I said anything about her, and in that time she's grown a lot. She's almost 16 pounds, and 26.5" tall. We're feeding her solids, and in addition to the purees she's getting cheerios and the occasional bite from Mom or Dad's plate. No teeth yet, but that's not stopping her from grabbing and gumming anything she can get her hands on.

At six months she couldn't quite stay up in a sitting position. Now she's full-on crawling and pulling herself up to standing, and even cruising for a step or two before falling. The baby-proofing has gotten a lot more important the past couple weeks.

That's about all I have to say at the moment (plus it's taken me about 45 minutes to write this small amount between taking breaks to chase after our little explorer), so I'll finish with the obligatory cute baby pictures )
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A few years back, an Okapi took up residence with us. For the most part he was content to just hang out in one room or another, but back in September he took a particular interest in the newest member of our family )

4 months

Jan. 14th, 2009 12:15 pm
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So Audrey had her four month checkup today. Perfectly healthy and hitting all but one of the developmental milestones they're looking for, the doctor (and her parents) would just like to see her putting on weight a little faster. She weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and 22" tall, so she's still pretty skinny. I'm under orders to start upping the amount she eats during the day, and we'll keep an eye on the weight gain.

I haven't really written about her for a while, so let me think what else is going on with her. She's smiling a lot more now, making more happy noises, starting to take an interest in toys if we put them in her hands, and a lot more aware of the world around her. At the moment one of her favorite things is to have one of us hold her up while she stands (despite the fact that she still hasn't quite mastered sitting).

And, because I'm required to as a parent, here's a picture of our daughter being cute (unapologetically stolen from my sister's blog.)

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So we’re on our third living room configuration since moving here in June of last year.

Audrey’s (mostly) sleeping at long enough stretches that we’re converting the office to a nursery. To do this, we’ve moved the DVDs and books out to the living room, which meant swinging the couch around to free up the wall space for six bookshelves.

This also meant we had the chance to indulge a little bit of OCD and finally alphabetize and catalog our books. I haven’t added the oversized titles to the list, and there’s probably a few still floating around the apartment, but there’s easily more than 400, which means the books in our home outnumber the movies.*

Over the next few days we’ll finish cleaning up the office and move in the crib, changing table, and other baby-related paraphernalia. Should be a busy weekend.

*For now.
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It’s Halloween in Colorado and I’m wearing shorts. There’s something wring with this picture.

Bu there’s nothing wrong with this picture, which shows Audrey in her Halloween getup (onsie from her grandparents, hat and socks from my godparents):

There’s a couple more in Meg’s Halloween album.
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As those of you who read Meg’s journal may have seen, more baby pictures today:

She’s perfected her “dubious” look early on.

a few more )

As always, more can be seen at the Fotki album Meg has for her.
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Meg’s godmother sent Audrey a set of classical music CDs (yes, the package was addressed to Audrey - she was getting her own mail less than a week after she was born).

After being fussy all morning, I put on “Bedtime Beethoven” and she settled right down. Clearly our daughter has an appreciation for the finer things.
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We talked to Meg’s OB and the hospital pediatrician, and it looks like we’re going home Thursday. Both Meg and Audrey are surprising the staff here with the speed of their recoveries. Meg is up and about more than most women who just went through intense labor and major surgery, and Audrey is passing everything they watch for in premies with flying colors.

Incidentally Audrey’s last weight was four pounds seven ounces, so I’ve been calling her AK47, a joke I didn’t think I would get to make until 2055.
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Audrey Katharine
born 9/14/08 at 2:51pm

It’s been a long, exciting weekend, what with the pre-eclampsia, the induction, and the emergency c-section. I may write more about it later, but for now I’m just happy beyond words that we have this beautiful baby girl.

More pictures here. fair warning: there are a couple shots from the OR, but I tried to avoid anything too messy.


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