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It was 35 miles, and the farthest I'd ridden so far this year was 20. But it's not the miles that I'm feeling (and will continue feeling for a couple days, I suspect).

There's a pare of the South Platte River Trail just south of Elitch's where the trail is bordered by some brickwork. It looks nice, and in a pinch you can ride on it, effectively making the trail that much wider. I was doing just that, going around a branch on the trail, when I discovered something interesting: there's a gap between the bricks and the trail proper almost exactly the width of my front wheel.

I discovered this when said wheel got lodged in the gap, coming to a sudden stop. The bike (and, incidentally, its rider) continued to rotate in relation to the now-stationary front wheel, and I ended up face down on the pavement. My longest ride of the year so far came with my first injuries of the year.

Nothing major - some scraped up knees and elbows that looked a little better after rinsing them with a water bottle and a lot better after a shower, but all my limbs and chest are going to be feeling the effects for the next few days. As for my bike: one punctured tube (that I had just replaced this morning), a bent water bottle cage, and my front wheel probably needs some attention. It was definitely rideable, but I'll probably want to take it by Salvagetti next week to get a more knowledgeable second opinion.

Thankfully I was already planning on having a nice relaxing weekend with the family (who will be back in town after a weekend in Massachusetts and Ft. Collins).


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