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New washer’s here. Doing a load now while I can sit and watch it, in case the problem was with the plumbing and not the washer, but so far so good.

It actually arrives about 2:00, and I would have tested it then had I not been more inclined to go straight to bed for a couple hours. If anything this whole ordeal has emphasized how far my schedule is shifted from the rest of the world. Even people in the apartment office who know I work all night and sleep all day think nothing of having me wait up until mid-afternoon - the equivalent of me wanting them to be available until 3 or 4 in the morning.

And I just realized that I forgot to make sure maintenance dude took care of the swollen door while he was here. Next week, I guess.
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So apparently the company that replaced our carpet pad told apartment management that they’d moved our furniture back - billed them for it too. So management assumed it was done, which is why the place was a mess when we got here yesterday. So now I’m not as mad at the management as I am at the carpet people, but we don’t have to deal with them on a regular basis, and the apartment manager is just as mad at them.

As an added bonus, they scuffed up our bed and the bedroom wall, and broke one of our bookcases. I’m ready to be done with this whole thing.
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We're back home tonight, sort of. Apparently our apartment being ready for us to move back into does not mean what we thought it meant.

Wednesday night when maintenance was throwing things in bags and moving furniture to get the carpet pad out, they told us they would put everything back. I seem to remember management confirming this the next morning, but by then things were starting to blur together due to a combination of stress and sleep deprivation.

Cut to this morning. Meg spent most of the morning trying to call and confirm that we'd be able to move back in to our home, only to get no answer at the number given to us. After checking out of last night's hotel and lunch with Meg, I went over to check out the situation in person. Looking through the windows, furniture was still piled randomly throughout the place, although differently than before. I figured they had replaced the pad and hadn't gotten to putting the furniture back yet.

At the management office I was told it would be ready sometime this afternoon, and that they would give us a call. OK, I'll find a way to kill time for a couple hours (surprisingly, thanks to a lack of convenient showtimes, this did not involve a movie).

I went back at 5:30, and nothing had changed. Back over to the office where the manager was baffled that I thought they would clean p the mess they made of our home. After all, a guy who's slept maybe 2 of the past 30 hours and his 8-month pregnant wife should have no problem hauling around heavy furniture. I told her this was not going to happen, and that we had been told the apartment would be at least similar to the way we left it (minus the water from their washer). At this point maintenance had gone home for the day, so they're coming back tomorrow at 2 to finish the job. She offered first thing in the morning, but I would like to sleep sometime.

Tonight Meg and I got the bedroom and one of the bathrooms put back together. This made a bigger mess in the living room, since quite a lot from other rooms was piled on our bed, but that can be handled tomorrow. There's also a couple scratches that weren't there before, and at least one of Meg's collectable villains was damaged while being jostled around.

It's been a while since I've been as angry as I was at the apartment management tonight. We'll probably be having further discussions with them later in the week, when we've had a chance to cool down and can more rationally express to them that they are, at least in this matter, a bunch of incompetent jerks.
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Back at work tonight. We're staying with my parents; we were planning on heading down to Ft. Collins this weekend for some family birthdays anyway, this just means we're extending our stay. Not sure how long for though, because the apartment complex called and said it will be Tuesday, not Monday, before we can move back in. Great.
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Came home from birth class tonight to find the carpet in the front hall of our building soaked. Went into our apartment to find the source was our washer, which had flooded the entire place. Parts of the bedroom and office were dry, but that was it.

Called the emergency maintenance people, who as we speak are moving around furniture so they can rip out all the ruined carpet padding (or whatever you call the foam under the carpet). We’ll be able to move back in on Monday.

Tonight we’re in a hotel with the cats. Tomorrow we’ll board them and make other arrangements for ourselves (more than one night in a hotel at the DNC rate is not ideal, even if insurance will reimburse).

It also means I’m missing work tonight, which I’ll have to make up later since I don’t currently have enough PTO to miss a full day, and what I do have I want to save for when the baby comes.

Still have no idea what the damages are. the only electronics I’m sure we lost were game accessories that were on the floor under the TV (Wii Fit, Rock Band, etc.). No idea what else we’ll find when we sort on Monday. Not much we can do until then anyway.

We’ve had better days.


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