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I haven't seen as many 2012 movies as I usually have by this point, but based on what I have seen I'm actually quite happy with this year's picks.

So there's 53 nominated films, and I've seen 10. At one a day I could conceivably catch up by Oscar night, but that's not going to happen. Here's what I can say based on what I've seen so far:

The best movie I did see in 2012 was Beasts of the Southern Wild, but it's been mostly under the radar this awards season so I wasn't holding out much hope for it this morning. I'm not complaining at all about being wrong on that front.

The only other Best Picture nominee I've seen so far is Argo, which was also great. I remember a few years ago being downright angry that this so-so actor whose one writing credit was for a terrible screenplay was adapting Gone Baby Gone, a book I thoroughly enjoyed, but that was a great film and since then Affleck's only gotten better as a filmmaker.

I am surprised that he isn't up for director, as well as Bigelow, but I have yet to see most of the films that beat them out, so as far as I know those four directors are more deserving.

I have seen one nominee in each acting category, and they're all deserving. I didn't care much for The Master, but Phoenix, Hoffman, and Adams all gave incredible performances.

On the animation side I'm happy to see Paperman up in the shorts category - it's a truly beautiful movie that deserves the recognition. Wreck-It Ralph was definitely entertaining, but I would have nominated The Secret World of Arrietty in its place. I wasn't sure ParaNorman would make the cut, but I'm glad it did, and I'm really happy to see Chapman's name as a nominee for Brave, even though she was pushed off the project before it was completed.

I think it's funny that William Goldberg is competing against himself for an editing Oscar.

While Roger Deakins is long overdue to win an Academy Award, I doubt it will be for Skyfall, even if it is the most-nominated 007 film to date.

That's about all I have so far on the awards themselves. The one other pleasant surprise was that Seth MacFarlane was actually pretty entertaining. I'm not usually a fan of his work, but he struck a good balance this morning that made me less apprehensive of him as a host.

Oh, and if anyone's following my family's fantasy awards season, here are the standings now that all the nominations are out:


So while I have a solid lead at the moment, that was with one point per nomination and wins are five points apiece. The Globes Sunday night could potentially give Meg a leg up (but I think the kids are pretty far out of the running at this point).
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